Belgium VFR Cross-Country Tour (BushTrip)

Welcome to Belgium, a barely flat-land country in the heart of Europe!

By flying low-and-slow in a Cessna C152 (no built-in GPS or autopilot) you will for sure enjoy this 11-leg cross-country tour across Belgium. You will be landing only in small to mid-size airports and airfields (exception for Oostende and Luxembourg).

I challenge you to try your best to fly purely VFR, following visual landmarks as per the sub-leg descriptions. This will not be always easy but you will certainly enjoy the pleasure of reaching your destination, using only your 'eyes and hands'.

Assistance on the route will be available in the form of back-on-Track button on the VFR Map, however be advised that using this will disable achievements tied to the activity.

    11 Airports / 11 Legs
    600+ nautical Miles (measured by direct GPS track throughout all waypoints)
    06H00+ of flight (calculated time for direct route through all waypoints, will take you slightly more)
    Departure and arrival at Saint-Ghislain Airfield (EBSG) in southwest of Belgium, very close to France.


Leg 1    34NM    00:19    EBSG-EBKT (Saint-Ghislain to Kortrijk-Wevelgem)
Leg 2    43NM    00:24    EBKT-EBOS (Kortrijk-Wevelgem to Oostende)
Leg 3    76NM    00:42    EBOS-EBGB (Oostende to Lint) 
Leg 4    47NM    00:26    EBGB-EBWE (Lint to Weelde)
Leg 5    65NM    00:36    EBWE-EBZH (Weelde to Kiewit)
Leg 6    54NM    00:30    EBZH-EBNM (Kiewit to Suarlee Namur)
Leg 7    60NM    00:33    EBNM-EBSP (Suarlee Namur to La Sauveniere)
Leg 8    48NM    00:27    EBSP-EBSH (La Sauveniere to St. Hubert)
Leg 9    54NM    00:30    EBSH-ELLX (St Hubert to Luxembourg)
Leg 10  90NM    00:50    ELLX-EBCF (Luxembourg to Cerfontaine)
Leg 11  35NM    00:19    EBCF-EBSG (Cerfontaine to Saint-Ghislain)

For all details, please read the included readme.txt file.