FinalLight Reshade preset : Realistic colors and tone fixes

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Version 1.2
První vydání September 15, 2021
Poslední aktualizace September 16, 2021
Velikost souboru 29.67 MB
Downloads 1,276
Status Zatím nestaženo
Tento soubor byl zkontrolován na přítomnost virů a je bezpečný ke stažení.
#Real-Life Exclusive


2,626 | V Second Officer

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  • Version 1.2 September 16, 2021

    Please follow the instructions carefully

    List of changes:
    • Clouds now are properly white !
    • Some overall color grading has been done making it look even better than before.
    • Cockpit & Nights being dark has now been fixed.

  • Version 1.1 September 15, 2021

    Added missing .fxh shader files to make PD80 shader work correctly.
    • ReShade.fxh
    • ReShadeUI.fxh
    • PD80_00_Base_Effects.fxh
    • PD80_00_Blend_Modes.fxh
    • PD80_00_Color_Spaces.fxh
    • PD80_00_Noise_Samplers.fxh

  • Spuštěno September 15, 2021

    První verze tohoto souboru byla právě spuštěna. Vítejte na palubě!

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Will this have any performance impact?

Yes it does impact your performance but not by much, i kept all the heavy processing shaders out of this preset.
My own setup lost around 3 fps on average from mid 55 average to like 51-52

Will this work on the steam version?

Yes please read the instructions, as the installation is different to the MS store version.

Why did you make this preset?

It was honestly bugging me endlessly how bad the colorgrading of the sim is, ReShade is very limited in what it can do.
But I think i found a nice acceptable middle ground for how it looks now.

Can I just drop this into the community folder?

No you can't, it's not that kind of addon.
Please follow the instructions carefully.


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148 Komentáře

I'll be putting a hold on version 1.3 for now, i have to travel for my business to 3 countries this month.

I'll do my best to release it early november 😊

Happy flying guys!



23 hour(s) ago / Poděkoval FinalLight

Fantastic. It works! Makes it so much more realistic!

Is there anything need to be done after the World Update 6? Re-download? Or re-install?



3 day(s) ago / Poděkoval FinalLight

Looks good and doesn't eat up frames. Well done.

Doesn't work, i press HOME and it's empty, no effects to select.

Tried reloading the shaders/textures folder but no success.

.ini file is selected but doesn't work.

MS Store version here.

Better wait for Microsoft to let us give more options to a custom look for the sim.




11 day(s) ago / Poděkoval FinalLight

Thankyou.Great and works fine.One question.

I use MSFS Add on Linker to select which scenery and/ or aircraft to load.

Your BAT file loads the MSFS as well.

I tried launching your bat file within Linker but obviously 2 x MSFSs launch.

Is there a way of not launching MSFS within the bat file - just the reshade action?

Kind regards and thankyou


Fucked up my MSFS installation!

Had to use Steam´s repair function and download 30GB again

I'll be putting a hold on version 1.3 for now, i have to travel for my business to 3 countries this month.

I'll do my best to release it early november 😊

Happy flying guys!



20 day(s) ago / Poděkoval FinalLight

By far the best download on this site.

Insane work and looking forward to what you have in store

Is there a way to integrate this with the FSUIPC7 Shortcut .bat already created by FSCUIPC7 I need run both reshade and FSCUIPC7 with a single shortcut

Steam version of MSFS

When I try to toggle the effect on/off I see no change to the display in MSFS. It looks just like vanilla MSFS with no effects. GShade seems to be installed ok as it opens and closes with shift F2. the two checkboxes in D3D11 are on, the paths to the shaders is ok as I see your shaders and can check them to on. I have pressed reload, but I see no changes to the display in MSFS.

During GShade instalation there was an option for HOOK, but your instructions do not mention this.

Any suggestions?

Will this work with vr?

i dont see minimalcolorgrading.fx, the other three are checked off though. Where is this one?

Major update coming soon, found a new technique to get the results i want with 0 fps loss



1 month(s) ago / Poděkoval FinalLight

WOW! Stunning preset! Thanks for your awesome, continous hard work mate! But one question, is it possible to reduce the burned out highlights? Its rly hard to look at white buildings in front of a white cloud illuminated by the sun. They literally get one bright, white object.

Since the update the Reshade doesn´t work anymore on the MS Store version.

The game starts but theres no Reshade message anymore like before

how do i do this? 6. In case the shaders haven't been activated enable the 4 shaders: ''MinimalColorGrading.fx'' ''PD80_04_Contrast_Brightness_Saturation.fx'' ''qUINT_lightroom.fx'' "PD80_04_Selective_Color_v2.fx" .

Press what?

Dont work for me. On loading MSFS it crash to option select "save mode" or continue. If i select to continue, MSFS still not load reshade. I used resade on P3D before i know what it is but in MSFS for me dont work.



1 month(s) ago / Poděkoval FinalLight
Can you create this settings just like this? Pilot Pete`s Ultra Realistic PTA Preset!

How to uninstall?


when I launch the .bat, the flight windows opens and closes immediately 😞



1 month(s) ago / Poděkoval FinalLight

working for me woot (steam)

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