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Version 3.1
První vydání December 11, 2021
Poslední aktualizace January 17, 2022
Velikost souboru 1.61 GB
Downloads 6,731
GPS Souřadnice 50.086562, 14.426094
Status Zatím nestaženo
Tento soubor byl zkontrolován na přítomnost virů a je bezpečný ke stažení.
Kompatibilita s Sim Update 7 byla potvrzena.


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  • Version 3.1 January 17, 2022

    1. Repaired the broken sport stadium.
    2. Modified the tree color in Prague central area so that it matches better with default surrounding.

    Note: The tree color is only modified in Prague central area. For North, East and South area, a following update will be uploaded.

  • Version 3.0 January 07, 2022

    1.The whole city of Prague (Center + North + East + South) is covered in level LOD20.
    2.Scenery is optimized using Thalixte's Google Earth Decoder optimization tools.
    3.FPS is much improved on High setting at 4K display.
    4.Texturex file number is much reduced using Lily texture packer for faster loading time.
    5.Color and image sharpness is enhanced.

  • Version 2.0 January 01, 2022

    1. Completely re-do the whole city of Prague (Center + North + East + South) in level LOD19.
    2.Scenery is optimized using Thalixte;s Google Earth Decoder optimization tools.
    3.FPS is much improved (FPS > 30) on High setting at 4K display.
    4.Texturex file number is much reduced (1/5 of original file number) for faster loading time
    5.Traffic is recovered

  • Version 1.4 December 29, 2021

    1.Fixed the hole near the sport Statum on top of the mountain.
    2.Extended the scenery to the south of Prague - goes beyond Vysehrad
    3.Smichov railroad station and Railroad bridge are added

  • Version 1.3 December 16, 2021

    1.Adjusted terraforming around center of town area.
    2.Cleaned up the river surface.
    3.Add some boat, ships on the river.
    4.Temporally fixed the hole near the sport Statum on top of the mountain.
    5.Removed some duplicated tiles.

  • Version 1.2 December 12, 2021

    (1) Updated the name of modellib.BGL files to avoid conflicts with any other scenery in the Community folder.
    (2) East and north of Prague (LOD19) has been added in prague_extension_east and north_google v1.2 file.

    Download both "prague_google v1.2" and "prague_extension_east and north_google v1.2" and extract them into community folder.

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76 Komentáře

Thank you for really fast fix. Your Prague scenery is fantastic!

Hi All: I was accidentally put the updated Prague_v3.1 to the last file instead of main file. It has been changed to main file now. Sorry about it.

Main File Prague3.1 downloads Prague North 3.0

When downloading the Main file, it offers Prague_north 3.0, not Prague_v3.1 (?)

Dear Steveli,

yesterday I downloaded and tested your latest version 3.0 with LOD20. I was worried, but they turned out to be useless. Scenery Prague works perfectly smoothly - I have a GPU Radeon RX5600XT with only 6 GB, I run the sim in 4K resolution with Render scaling 70%, this configuration has worked very well for me, the image is sharper than in 2K. The texture details in LOD20 are visibly more detailed, your work is great.

Best regards!

P.S. If you made Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic, where I live, I would be infinitely grateful.

This is fantastic!!

Suddenly, I can fly over Prague at LOD20 again, with my mid-range system and High-End settings, and I'm getting between 30 and 60 fps all over the area. No need of LOD19 anymore!!

It's absolutely true that "It was optimized for better FPS and faster scenery loading". Version 1.4 (also with LOD20) was simply unusable to me.

Thanks once again for such a fantastic job on the "city of a hundred spires". And of course I'll be giving a try at Budapest as soon as possible.

May I suggest a few more names for future projects?

Krakow seems mandatory to me, but also, how about some smaller Czech cities, such as Brno, Karlovy Vary or Cesky Krumlov?

Thanks and best regards!!

Surely one of the best city sceneries yet, and superb performance, too. thanks a lot!

A new version v3.0 has been uploaded with LOD 20.

By the way, my second photogrammetry scenery Budapest in LOD 20 is uploaded. Please visit for download. Enjoy it.

Hi Steveli, excellent work ! No FPS drop on my medium PC, everything is going smoothly. Thanks for this city.

Thank You !

Now with Prague 2.0 is perfectly flyable on my 1660 6Gb with 16Gb RAM FHD (3y old HP OMEN17 laptop) on medium-high settings. 1.4 drops to 5FPS. Now +- 45FPS

I must say, with the decrease of LOD, this became truly awesome, because performance is no longer an issue. Is there any chance you could expand the area further? With another addons, like Prague - Expanded South, Prague - Expanded West,etc..

Thanks so much for this awesome addon.

Dear steveli!

Thank you so much for your work - FPS is already perfect, but unfortunately I don’t know what happened to the trees. The original Prague: - and Your Prague: What could be causing this rather significant discrepancy? (All settings are ULTRA)

The new version in LOD19 has obviously lost detail (as expected), but now it is perfectly flyable at 60 fps with my mid-range system and High-End settings.

Even at LOD19, all details are perfectly recognizable and enjoyable from a reasonable altitude, for those who know and love the city (like me).

With v1.4, fps dropped to ZERO (freezing for several seconds) in some areas.

Thanks once again for such a nice work.

One of the best PG on this site , superb work

Is there any chance that you will make Bratslava in similar quality ? 😀

Now it's PERFECT! You fixed it and you even updated the second (smaller) stadium nearby the big one! The surroundings look much better now. Thanks for your effort!

Should be great... But. FPS drops (5-10 FPS) are very annoying. With CPU AMD Ryzen 7 5800X and RTX 3080 (res. 3440 x 1440, graphic settings mostly ultra). Nice job anyway!

Maybe beautyful. But runs with a RTX 2080 super in High Resolution with 5 FPS. Please no...😞

Hi Steveli, while really enjoying your Prague, I'd like to ask a couple questions. Please see this screenshot:

What's the dark, flat spot on the Moldava river, near Liben bridge?

Also, please notice the strange mix of nice, auto-generated trees with low-res poligonal trees. Is there something we can do to remove the latter ones?

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work.

Hi Steveli, I also have the same problem as Olli. I have a big hole in the scenery near the big stadium. Is it possible to fix it? Thank you

It's a very nice job, but unfortunately it's unplayable with me. The average FPS is 28-32, but sometimes drops to 5-6 FPS (randomly) My configuration is:

I9-9700 - 64GByte DDR4 - Geforce RTX3080 Vision - Resolution: 4K

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