EGHH Bournemouth Airport

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Version 0.92
První vydání November 26, 2020
Poslední aktualizace May 16, 2021
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#Real-Life #Handcrafted United Kingdom Exclusive Drag and Drop


EGHH 0.92

Fix double windsocks

EGHH Bournemouth update v0.91
- added departure terminal
-corrected taxi to gate for GA aircraft via the AI ATC
EGHH Bournemouth update v0.9

- New taxiway and holding point update, centre line marking on one side and blue edge lighting on the opposite side as per Nats info.
- Updated runway to real markings
- Correct runway landing height
- Updated landing lighting to match real world
- Updated Papi lights so both sides work (only one side was just green)
- Replaced incorrect control tower (still need to make colideable)
- Corrected parking spots/ramps, added lighting and floor markings (stand numbers still to add)
- Updated aprons
- Added radio tower and small red building
- Updated carparks (lighting to improve model made ready)
- Added perimeter fencing + some internal fencing
- Add fuel tankers
- Added Cobham Hanger (Thanks to TerrifyingPanda for the model and texture work)
- Added some lighting - more to follow
- Added more GA parking
- Added AI ATC function with taxi to Gate (taxi back to GA does not work yet)

Currently working on
Main passenger terminal

Planned Work
- Add Gamma Aviation Hangar
- Add orange lights to holding points (awaiting SDK)
- Add more floor text for parking plus continue to replace buildings
- Add Parkfield School
- Add passenger hub (Model now made working on textures)
- and more....

Feedback welcome and encouraged! It will help make this even better!

If anyone wishes to contribute, please feel free to join us on discord: https://discord.gg/WzFbBh


Anyone wishing to help contribute to this project i have upload the source files for this at


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  • Version 0.92 May 16, 2021

    Removed double windsocks

  • Version 0.91 January 04, 2021

    Removed some autogen buildings, added the departure terminal.
    Corrected taxi to parking for Parking

  • Version 0.9 December 04, 2020

    Added Solar panel farms on the approach to 08
    Added ATC with correct frequencies
    After landing taxi to Gates works (not to GA parking currently)
    Added more parking around the airport for GA

  • Version 0.87 November 28, 2020

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Feedback section
November 30, 2020

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33 Komentáře
@Tradari It's probably a false positive, but when I try to download the update it gives me a trojan virus warning.
Uploaded 0.92 as the fix for the windsocks would not work without a version change
Thanks, Great work, this scenery is brilliant!
EGHH is my local airport and no one else can offer a true to life version... keep up the good work 😁
Don't want to moan but I am seeing two windsocks...?
(using the download link for v0.91 file - df-airport-eghh-bournemouth_v1Ye6)
Am I doing something wrong?
I have 2 windsocks going opposite directions to one another ?
Really like this..... Thank you. Great work.

I fly the CJ4 Working title mod quite a lot. Signature Aviation at EGHH has a Textron service centre I believe. It would be fantastic is the signature hanger could be modelled 😊
Whats this like vs the UK update? Any additional updates soon? Thanks
Looks really good, however when i try pushing back from the stand, it crashes my game, any idea?
Many thanks. I live here and know the airport well. Flown from here so often for hols and now FS2020. Cheers
Great work, as a resident of Bournemouth and a user of the airport looks good.
its looking better and better , well done, keep going!
Fantastic Scenery of Bournemouth. Spent some time doing some FSE jobs in and out of Bournemouth this weekend. Keep up the great work
download now has 2 options but both are the same size yet marked as different versions and the main file seems to be 0.9 while the other 1.0 , which do we need to download?
v0.9 coming very soon... maybe even tonight. Lots of extra GA parking in the correct places, solar farm has been added (rw08 approach). ATC parking / AI has also been added. The main terminal will be a little longer. Its looking amazing but want to make sure the texturing is the best it can be.
Fantastic scenery! A joy to be at EGHH. Well done and many thanks for sharing.
Awesome!! I've been hoping for a decent EGHH scenery since launch. Thanks so much.
FYI maybe consider adding 'Bournemouth' to the file tagging list here, which will hopefully assist you in more "traffic" to this mod?
Five stars 😊
Work has started on the passenger terminal and a lot more parking spaces are going to be added soon for G.A in the correct places. Signature hangar is also in progress 😊
Well done. Great Job. Was waiting for EGHH for MSFS for a wile 😊
Will be also great to see some buildings on the surrounding area, such as Alice in Wonderland theme park and, golf club and solar panel field.
Thanks for your efforts
Thanks for the upload, bring on the updates


6 month(s) ago
This is brilliant, I love this airport. Cant wait for the updates
Thanks for the feedback will do our best

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