STOL Runway Marker Library for Scenery Creaters

Do you want to build a STOL Competition field? But you dont have any Runway Markers you could use?

Here is your solution. 

Unzip the downloaded Folder in to your community folder and add the 600 Foor Markers right to the place you want to have it.

Look for annov-stol-runway-marker-library in the senery editor.

You will find following objects

  • annov-10-foot-Ruler (for easy measuring)
  • annov-30m-ruler ( a 30 meter Ruler also for mesuring)
  • annov-Bilboard-STOL-Takeoff-Landings (a Bilboard with visual explenation of the very basic Rules in Takeoff and Landings)
  • annoc-STOL-RW-Marker-600Feet (one Object with a marker every 20 foot for your STOL Competition field)

Feel Free to use this for yor creations! 

If you downloaded a scenery with a dependency to this download, Just unzip the ZIP file in to your community folder and enjoy the scenery.

This is not a standalone scenery. If you want to have a sample how a STOL field could look, go download Johnsons Farm in California and see the Objects of this Library in full glory.

Leave me a Comment if you like this library. I never say no to a cup of coffe neither ;)