Hi mister derDonX, will the continuation of the scenery of Budapest, specifically the cast of Budapest North?

Thanks for your time.



Same here, Virgin Australia just does not want to show up. They usually get swapped to Tiger Airways. Did you get ATR to work for Qantas Link. Im currently trying to swap that model in to replace the dash8's.

You're welcome. That's weird only the AT&T stadium is integrated in the sim.

It's cool, no worries... I did the ANZ one and could just about make the Koru work (also the Brushwing on my Cathay Pacific/Cathay Dragon livery)... as the A330neo sharklets are REALLY flat, I'll take a look to see if the ANA logo doesn't look stupid on it... if it doesn't, I'll put an extra texture in a sub-folder so you can switch out as needed... 👍🥂

its beautyful possible realise for FBW pleaseeeee

Thanks for your post-processing, yes special characters are a problem. Thank you and have a good flight.

Do you see tiles being downloaded in the black CMD window?

If so - did you cleared ROLLING CACHE in MSFS?

should I just download this and paste it in my community folder?

Hi great mod. Has anyone been able to get the ATR72-600 community model to work with this. And I can't figure out why Virgin Australia only shows up as Tiger Airways.

Thanks, I will look at the buildings & add some parking spots for cold start. Will post an update when sorted. Enjoy have fun.

Thank you very much

I have just tested, and very useful your flight plan provided

Very nice the "tourist" route Thank you 😉

It would be a dream for me to be able to visit this place...before I end up in an "asylum" ...but in real life 😉

Got it, thanks for the reply. I would've thought that since it's a fictional livery anyway, you have a lot more flexibility and freedom on how to make the winglets work. Like perhaps a small ANA logo like how it looks like on the A320s winglet.

If we look at the other fictional A330-900neo liveries like the Air New Zealand, and the Aegean liveries here in the website as well. In them, they got the winglets to work with miniature Air New Zealand and Aegean logos on the small wingtips respectively.

But it is your livery and I respect your decision and artistic integrity on this matter.

Irgendwie scheint der Flugplatz seit dem letzten World-Update mit dem Höhenmodell nicht mehr zurechtzukommen, die Bäume ringsherum schweben alle in der Luft. Wäre schade, wenn diese schöne Szenerie nicht angepasst wird.

Is a current IWC livery of the HB-HOS in the pipeline?

The million dollar question remains, where is the flight_model.cfg file to replace?

I have full admin read/write/edit permission on all official and community folders, yet can't find the flight model file in DCD F15 main installation folder nor community folder!! Only the cockpit file is there.

Alright, well we're waiting for you to vacay soon in those wild lands man, hurry slowly

Thank you for your comment. That is strange! Could you try and rename the prague mod folder to something like "aaa-troglodytus-...". Please report back if that solved your issue!

Yeah all correctly trimmed out, weights are nice and centred, I'm really not too sure

Yes I agree, your eye keeps focussing on it ay

Go to Sim Objects folder, and under Flight Model change the Wing Flex Offset to -0.25

Non sai quali siano le ragioni economiche e politiche. Ma decisamente triste. L'aviazione è un affare difficile. Anche Lufthansa ha avuto bisogno di aiuto durante il Corona Lockdown, ma ha già rimborsato un po', in modo che non rimanga al contribuente.

We don't know what the economic and political reasons are. But definitely sad. Aviation is tough business. Lufthansa also needed help during the Corona Lockdown, but has already paid some back, so that it does not stay with the taxpayer.

Just uploaded the final official version as a direct download.

Hahah yeah agreed, I first heard them and cringed a we bit. Thanks though!

I have given up with this U-60, I can not start the second engine and the levers do not push forward no matter what part of the muse is used, The R-44 and the H-135 are only ones I can get to work. My first try with the Blackhawk it ran up ok but was impossible to control. I find this one too frustrating and think I will delete it again until something changes. It is a real shame that so many people have had some trouble as the model is excellent and would be worth having if there was not so much trouble getting it into flight.

Because it is not painted on as it uses the sims custom registration field. You need to add a registration to the Tail Number field in the Customization section for that aircraft.

😃 Génial, Merci et bon développement

The 1.1 updated has already corrected the registration.

Outstanding job! Divebombing down Nautilus and Via Capri never looked so good!

Great work. Windsock is 180° off tho, likely this project was made before they fixed that issue (it spawned already backwards when you went to place it)