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Hi. Great airport. I'm guessing you're aware but the latest version seems to have introduced an issue where there is now a tear/bump/ramp in the taxiway outside of what was the FM Flying school. It wasn't there in the previous version.

Cheers & thanks for all the hard work.

ps If you ever find a way to get a more detailed version of Louth (or the Church at least) into the game I would be forever grateful!

A great asset and improvement, specially the NY bridge, however, I see cars under the bridge driving on the watersurface, but nevertheless, great work.

ya sorry i just saw it and imma ask is it worth it? 29$ with 747 aerodynamics and systems?

If your sim crahses while loading scenery, try this.

A) Disabled Rolling Cache from DATA SETTINGS and deleted the file,

B) Cleaned up my Community folder and moved everything to a backup folder,

C) Deleted the Content.xml file in LocalCache,

D) Deleted SceneryIndexes folder in LocalCache,

E) Started up the simulator with no 3rd party mods/add-ons except the official ones from the marketplace,

F) Closed it back after starting up at a default airport,

G) Brought back your Addons and sceneries

Dejligt at have en flot dansk lægehelikopter, mange tak!

"Originalen" flyver tit forbi, hvor jeg bor, på vej til Skejby.

I just installed the liveries.. And I love it, that you added the 2_ in front of the folder names

superbe travail , suis je le seul à avoir un soucis avec le pont de cheviré , il y en a comme 2 , un bien fait et en parallèle en dessous un tout moche et plat où roule des voitures

Hallo Holger,

why don't you see the actions?

It should be

AS1000_MFD_SOFTKEYS_1, Number


AS1000_MFD_SOFTKEYS_12, Number


the variable for the Seatbelts is


But I haven't started the FBW Bus since some weeks, so maybe some things changed meanwhile. Maybe it does not work any more now?!

Could you please do both the Black and Black and White Air New Zealand A320s?

yes i have already added a little map (nothing fancy 😊) .. the main idea would just be to let users select/deselect mods directly from the map because it was requested several times. It's still very early beta and most of features are not really working (for now i just sent it to 1 beta tester to check general performance) but if you are interested i can send it to you too very soon so you can give an early feedback (but it will be unfinished work in progress, the selection for example is not working yet, unfortunately my time is a bit limited and i can mostly work on the tool only during weekends 'even more when it's raining' 😊 ). Little pic of the simple map (bing map also available) -> https://i.imgur.com/EmU5wFY.png

Great. The blue one is for me. Thank you

He is not charging but would be nice if everyone could donate a little bit. He commented somewhere else that he does it for fun and the Austrian contributions to MSFS are spectacular. For me Austria DEM10 was worth more money that Orbx NZ.

Sound is good but extremely too loud. Especially relative to the rest of the sounds.

Leider wird mir die aktuelle Version in der Flugzeuggalerie nicht angezeigt. In dem angegegebenen Ordner ist er korrekt installiert/verschoben worden. Hast du mir eine Lösung?


Eluanbi, Cingjing Farm, Yushan, Sun Moon Lake, they have all gained noticeable improvement! !

commander to make it easier for you, you uninstall the old scenario from my community and download the dudu version 4.0 file on the site, unzip it and install it on the community !!!! because if you have two scenarios of mine from the same airport in the community it’s ok, every time you upload it on the site, you have to remove the old file from the community and install the current one ok

super quality liveries! all of them are great! do you think the new air canada livery should be a bit more glossy? it seems a bit more "matte" than the others. thanks!

The version H135 0.93 is great again !! My compliments , but I miss the rotorbrake ? And what is the function of the switch NR left of the FADEC ?

Yapabileceğim bi şey yok gerçekten öyle. https://www.hizliresim.com/m0uy4ki Bunu Hatay havalimanına bildirebilirsin 😊

Try to shorten the root mission folder name to read: alaska_011 (It's a windows 10 2566/260 character restriction- issue- you can fix it by a registry edit... but be very careful and make sure all is perfect >> LINK >> https://www.howtogeek.com/266621/how-to-make-windows-10-accept-file-paths-over-260-characters/

Çok güzel teşekkür ederim. What's next Turkish airport? 😊

That would be awesome! The format of the data has to be a geoTIFF -> The file-ending is .tif

Thank you! 谢谢你!

If you love flying the TBM930 then this is THE mod to get, it changes the plane drastically and puts it into payware territory. All that is needed now are sim changes by ASOBO for turbine logic at altitude which should be coming in sim updates 4, 5, & 6.

O beyazlık dediğim uydu görüntüsü, gerçekte de etrafı bu şekilde kirli toprak. Sizin ayarlarınızda bir sıkıntı var galiba çünkü ben test ederken bir sıkıntı yaşamadım. Eğer başkaları da bunu rapor ederse güncelleme yayınlanır. Gerçek uydu görüntüsü https://www.hizliresim.com/m0uy4ki de bu şekilde.

Thank you once again for yet another fantastic mod! You have put us in quite a dilemma, because now, we have to decide between getting much better mountains, or to have the nice mods of several Swiss POIs/cities/towns downloaded from this site to appear sunken into the ground with the new terrain meshes of this mod. This is not your mod's fault of course, but still amusing nonetheless 😂

Orbx: Now we can make a lot of money with meshes.

Orbx employee: eh... someone is releasing meshes for free...

Orbx: WHAT?! give me their family names, their dog and their imaginary friend!

Scratch that, looks like there was an FBW update, I'll update the pack shortly.

Bei mir sind die CTD's verschwunden seit ich die modellib.bgl umbenannt habe.

elerinize saglik güzel olmus ama o beyazlik cook bozuyor

hocam pistde sikinti var bembeyaz gözüküyor yaklasinca netlesiyor isterseniz pistin yaninda ki o beyazliklari yok edin

Amazing... Just did a short flight near Sion and everything looks so much better now. 20m seems to be a sweet spot for increasing clarity of terrains without having to store mega huge data files. Thank you very much Troglodytus, this is super cool. Maybe one day some sections of Canada will be covered. We just need some parts of the Canadian Rockies since a lot of our country is basically flat. Looking for future developments, this is making the experience more enjoyable

Muito obrigado por trazer o NKH pro 2020, mas não consegui instalar a pintura, mesmo colocando a pintura na community, poderia me dizer como eu posso instala-la?

I wonder how good this CS-B777 would be if it seems to be using the B747 gauges, according to what is being said by some users

Thank you. I struggled because the car did not pass the course I thought (laughs)

Could you add a map of the sceneries?

Thank you for taking the time from afar