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Stručný přehled dění v naší komunitě.

Viva. Tem razão, tinha instalado o mesmo cenário de outra pessoa, quando há mais que um a fazer o mesmo cenário estas coisas acontecem. Entretanto, com a actualização "alguém"😏 plantou 3 árvores que já estão bastante crescidinhas, na soleira da 23. Cumprimentos

Esse modelo está sendo descontinuado pois em alguns minutos vou upar aqui no site uma nova versão com mais plataformas e helipads 😉

This does not seem to work with the latest SU5 (released on July 27/28 2021). Would you kind enough to update it? This is definitely one of my favorite landing challenges!

ok i just figured out whats wrong , the weather live its completely broken at high alttitudes , oat at FL30 was sayin 30 degrees celsious , so it was imposibble for the aircraft to go any higher , just set preset weather and it worked again (-50) celsious , apart from that just check whenever you can if there is any issues compatibilities with new update just in case.... thanks for everything.

Hello and first of all, thanks for your amazing job !

Is smoke effect take into account wind direction and strength ?

it is planned, but i need some time. I will update it when I till be back from work

contacted the developers and said it’s not available yet they are in the process of developing a way for that to be done

This does not seem to work for the latest SU5 (released on July 27/28 2021). Would you kind enough to update this great landing challenge to work with SU5?

I've updated the NON-changeable registration version to be compatible with Sim Update 5. Changeable reg needs no update.

My favorite repaint and also my go-to aircraft in msfs. However, since SU5, the transponder does not work with this repaint. It will work in the default aircraft but not with your repaint. Any suggestions?

I've updated the NON-changeable registration version to be compatible with Sim Update 5. Changeable reg needs no update.

Even this plane which was one of the only flyable is now good for the gabbage, like the others

Is there a way to turn off the passenger model?

Thanks, that was my intention as well. Same as the case where it was impossible to view out the window while still having the PFD in view. (Btw. at first i was surprised with the low latency too, I've measured it to be under 10ms on good connections).

And look like after SIM update all STOL lost a bit of power, altitude and climbing skill 😞


Look like the last SIM update suck all power from your STOL

It seems to be a problem with SU 5. I 'm having the same problem. Worked fine before SU 5.

Seems to be a problem with SU 5. A lot of people are having the same problem.

None of the Statics seem to load anymore

Hello. This scenery will not be updated for SU5, because a new SBBH is already being made, and our focus is now totally on it. For more news follow our instagram @geardownsim

The window tint exists in all my community C208 liveries but not in the default ones, even after I removed the improvement mod. I'm suspecting the root cause lies in somewhere else.

Phew. I held off any updates to this, or anything, until the update. My install is a crashfest after updating so I'll need to see if settles down before cracking on again.

Anything you'd like to see tweaked here? I'll add some open hangars to start in and take out a few more dodgy buildings and burn ins.

Yes I have seen this too.

We will check what is need to be done with the new update

Yes, for ease of search and simplicity, all lighthouses are grouped in one directory

Just an update on compatibility with Sim update 5. Flew from here to Salcombe yesterday as my post update test and this worked fine, so thankfully the update hasn't killed my most used airport!

My first flight in VR with the new sim update 5 I went from Exeter to Salcombe as these are my two 'home' airports/airfields. Happy to report they both worked fine, no issues. I'm going to test St Mawgan and the Scilly Isles later.

Does this replace your Needles and Bishop rock lighthouses?

okey , im just flying it and i think it has FADEC issues with wt mod , my rate climb righ now at 29 thousand feets is 400 feets per minute at mach 0.50 wich i think its comepletly wrong , it used to climb 1800 ft per minute more less or even higher rates , depending on my weight , but never this climb of rate that im having right now.....hope this helps.

I'm preparing the update of Shift+Z Stats. Stay tuned 😉

Agreed that this place looks like fun. The displaced thresholds have a definite purpose here; plenty of trees on both ends. The website has a fun read with special procedures for golf carts to cross the runway. The golf rules also state that you can't play your ball off the runway. Seems like a smart rule! I don't think I've seen a place quite like it!

awsome any chance your next project is invercargill??

This is awesome ! I've been looking for such app for a while now. Allow you to push your "home cockpit" a little further very efficiently and with no investment. The app is smooth and picks the flight data with ZERO latency. Awesome.

Nice, airline from my hometown, love it

I have a general question: is it possible to control the helicopter when the drone camera is selected? For me, the controls are locked in this view mode.

also really random one but could you also add GCRR ?