This app can be uninstalled as any other Windows program.

Thanks looks great. I didn't unzip RAR file.

Yep, no red interior. The zip files is seen as corrupt in Windows Explorer and 7Zip reports header errors. Probably a mistake, I'm confident Archer374 is going fix this 😉

It's for Deimos MiG-29. Added to the description.

Nice! I didn't start until commodore 64 days when I was young. I think half the problem from ORBX has been getting airside photos. You can get a semi decent view of the overall structure in Bing Maps and right clicking 'view bird's eye' 😉

I've just started with SketchUp Pro. I started on the Hamilton airport main terminal building. All sloping intersecting roof sections and shapes. I could have started with something easier!.. But it's coming along. Then I have to place it in the sim which is a whole other talent I've started reading up on. My problem for Hamilton is getting images of other buildings (I don't want to drive over there). I don't mind starting on something for YMML if a need can be identified and someone has an image I can base it on. Might be better for my skill development anyways rather than trying to go it completely solo. PS - been a simmer since the very early 80's (predating MS on an Apple 2E) so that probably dates me. Yes well into early 60's now and I figure when I retire soon what better hobby than 3D modelling to supplement my simming

Appreciate the feedback mate. The fact that 2 years in it still hasn't been done by payware is pretty poor

Hey mate. There is actually no 3D skills to speak of! Its also my home. Would love some people to contribute models to make it even better. Its almost like a community effort is needed instead of payware at this rate

1st try - aircraft would not leave ground and had structural fail! Oh! I left the door of my Zenith open...

2nd try - much better! The Cessna in the hanger is on its nose though, maybe because of update 11 maybe?

Absolutely beautiful strip though! Great for a flight to Kamloops.

Love this add on!!!Can't do without it

Did you download Part3? That is for the Hong Kong Island. Don't expect real life quality on the buildings. This are only extracted from google maps with 17-19 LOD. It will take maybe months to finish if i will go higher than that, or terabytes of my storage. Slightly edited to make it more sharp. ..but of course if it doesn't meet your standard, you can always use samscene 3d scenery..

Savage stuff, really great to have such a good profile for Dublin!!

You have to purchase it from Just Flight.com. It costs £49.99.

Thanks Dan,

This is my home major airport so fly the bigs in and out a fair bit and yes disappointed with Orbx so thanks you so very much for the work. I just started learning how to 3D model so really appreciate your skill.

that's actually the main problem, I tried but I can't merge everything together, need a new tutorial

Dear @Lak62ye thank you for your star rating and glad you're liking the overall job! Just wanted to point out this is not the only option available. For now, there are also 2 other alternatives: 1 is for bringing a main terminal with different textures and the other 1 is the original 1st version of the mod i am improving currently.

prosiak - I grew up flying on EAL also from when I was an infant until it closed. My mother worked for EAL and I loved and miss that airline. I wish Frank Lorenzo didn't close it. By the way, EAL is back flying again but they don't have many routes yet. They changed the way the planes looked (wish they didn't). Anyway, my next download is the L-1011 Whisperliner 😀

Leaving another comment to say the newest update is fantastic! I really appreciate you updating the things I had mentioned in my previous comment. This thing is perfect! The new interior lighting is great, the gauges are much easier to read at night with the new lighting, GPS no longer shuts off, and the interior lights on the roof are really well done! I also really love the rain effects on the windshield/glass. its much more immersive! Thanks for your hard work! <3

Thank you so much, absolutely great!

Just one little problem: The scnery contains in layout.json a link to scenery/global/scenery/modelLib.BGL. To avoid possible CTDs this modelLib.BGL in scenery/global/scenery should be renamed, for example into modelLibTurkischBridges.BGL and layout.json to be updated accordingly.

amazing livery

can you make the saudi aramco 737-800NG ?

also, the buildings are low res and of bad quality

No worries at all! Cant wait to see what you come up with 😊

Awesome looks and best of all it runs on an rx 550!!! But what is the diffrence in google map server 1 and 2

No one has complained about the package yet

Where exactly did you copy the ZSB_Hunter_RDAF E-418 folder?

well kowloon works, but hk island doesn't.

Yes, for the baron you need the z-newlight-effect-light folder, there is no other folder because there are no additional modifications

Bonjour, non, elle n'est pas en production

Thanks for the 5-Stars! This is actually pretty interesting as Southwest doesn't have any Heart -800s with just blended winglets. The only time they have them was while they were being manufactured by Boeing and flew with grey winglets before being fitted with scimitars (https://www.airplane-pictures.net/photo/481403/n8652b-southwest-airlines-boeing-737-800/).

However, there was one -800 that very briefly flew with just blended winglets (N8329B) and I actually painted it years ago on the PMDG NGX in P3D (https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9089025). I'm trying to cut down on adding registrations/mismatches/sticker jets that have been updated or retired as they add mostly clutter and extra file size, but if I do make a "retired" or "past liveries" pack, it's definitely a reg I'd want to include.

Agree with Holloman...stunning work.great eye for detail.top notch work.

Just fyi for you, you can remove the Canada PG in the world update install options (where you would choose which airports to install and such) and still keep all the good stuff like the better DEM and airports and such.