Another project I did for personal use but made public. I fly mostly on Vatsim or offline using AI traffic. As a result, having static aircraft in FSDG Nairobi Lite for MSFS is a bit annoying in the scenery. Unlike their scenery for P3D and X-Plane 11, we don't get configuration options which I think should be available for those who get the scenery outside the Marketplace. I took it upon myself to remove the static aircraft. This is my first time using the MSFS SDK so I was limited by my skills and lack of experience. As a result, I was able to hide the static aircraft but could not figure out how to add parking spots to replace them. This applies only to the two passenger terminals and cargo terminal.

Known issues:

  • There are no parking spots where there used to be static aircraft therefore you can not spawn there. You also can't get GSX services on those spots. If any of you know how to add parking spots and replace static jetways with animated jetways of third-party scenery please share. At this point, it may not make much sense to install this.
  • Some of the ground clutter next to the static aircraft is still there. Some of them were not affected by the exclusion zones I set.