This package adds the asobo 747 cockpit to the 747 100, 200, 400 and 400F.

It requires the fsltl base pack to be installed to function. I have not edited or modified the 3d model in any way.

Instead, my mod links to it. Similar to how other mods work, this is due to copyrights. It does not modify or overwrite your existing fsltl files.

Everything in this package is opensource and modded by myself.

Other improvements include better PBR textures for metallic sufaces and tire material.

The windshield has been reshaped to better match reality.

The asobo cockpit has been repainted to better match each variant.

To install, place the contents of the zip flie in the community folder. To uninstall, just remove it from there.

747 cockpit by asobo, original textures by Michael Pearson and fsltl.

If you know how to add proper aircraft type in the fmc or how to edit the flight model, feel free to contact me.

Beta users may experience strange behaviour, this will be updated with SU15 release.

Any improvement is wellcome!

Happy flying!