Modification of Lights, Eicas and MCDU and Sound

We all hope, that bredok will update their nice airbus soon. There are some strange things like buttons with NO anstead of ON, and other system unusual values.

So i decided to modify the exterior lights to see the runway from the cockpit and to see the flashing lghts of the strobe lights. Im working on more changes on the systems.

Also the mcdu with more functions and the "error" of the Eicas display. The systems file is a mixture from asobo original a320 and some snipped lines from fbw and headwind. Thank you for their excellent work. Hopefully the fbw A380 comes soon.

known Bugs or issues.

I cant solve the interior dome light at the moment. Sorry, as we have no original systems.cfg from bredok, because the main files are encrypted from microsoft.

So if you have any suggestions and other ideas, please tell me your advice.

To load a flightplan from simbrief, if you own navigraph charts or pm750 its very easy to change your plans for every new flight within the sim. With the current mcdu, you cant  import direct from Simbrief.


How to install?

Unzip  the bredok3d-airbus-a380_mod folder and Copy the mod inside in your community folder with all neccessary folders and files.

Happy flight on the air.

Using this mod on your own risk.

If you have issues, only delete the mod  and start your sim again.