LIVERY FIX for the Captain Sim C-130H Hercules

The Captain Sim C-130H Hercules contains code that will add a black shell around the fuselage of the aircraft if an unofficial livery is installed, preventing normal use of any community-made liveries.

This is a simple mod that will hide the black shell and allow add-on liveries to function normally. Install this folder into your community folder just like an aircraft. It does not require you to overwrite any files.

Here's how it works:

The WASM gauge that runs all of the gauges and systems for the C-130 also contains code that checks the title of the livery (the title= line in the aircraft.cfg) against a list of 'approved' titles. If they match, the black shell is made invisible. If the livery title is not on the approved list, the black shell is displayed, ruining the livery. Unfortunately the WASM gauge cannot be edited directly to fix this.

However, the black shell itself is contained within the LOD1 interior model as a mesh named O05_042_LT0 and it can be hidden. This package contains a modified version of the m133_101_interior.xml file that forces the black shell to be hidden at all times, allowing all liveries to work normally.

Captain Sim is a horrible developer that has put a lot of effort into preventing community liveries and upending decades of FS community norms. They will likely update their model to prevent this fix from working or demand that this be taken down. Please spread this far and wide and most importantly STOP giving these horrible people your money!!!