21 custom 'airstrips' making up a 190 mile flight over Chile covering some of the most beautiful scenery that Microsoft flight simulator has to offer. A mixture of scenic airstrips with a lot of them only suitable for STOL aircraft.

The route starts in Chacalluta international (SCAR) and works it's way East through a deep canyon that really shows the potential of the flight simulator. Several airstrips have been added in the canyon to break up the flight and to offer some great sightseeing areas. This leg ends at Putre airport (SCQJ) before we top off the oxygen tanks and head North to explore the dormant volcanoes reaching upto 18,500'.

This is Grravel territory!

The colours in this region are just stunning, difficult to describe but once seen will be revisited time after time. The colourful lakes along the route offer a chance for the engines to cool off before tracking west ending at Toquepala (SPTQ) with its enormous open cast mining complex, beautiful in its own way but just as ugly for a lot of reasons.

It should be noted that you will not find any pretty airport scenery on this route as the airports are just a convenience for the flight indeed some of the airstrips are little more than a windsock to help you to locate them. The natural scenery will be the highlight of the flight.

Take your time to explore and look around this beautiful forgotten country and be kind to your engines they will not be happy at 19,000'. Pack light and watch your mixture settings.

Included in the download is a flight plan covering all of the airstrips. All the airstrips are shown and there is one waypoint at half way (WP1) over a region that has a 101 different landing places, take your pick :)

The small amount of Library assets used are from:

All the libraries need to be in your community folder and I would recommend the latest versions are downloaded.
All of the scenery packs can be found here on Flightsim.to